For nearly twenty-five years, Jean Alix Paul has faithfully led Together for Haiti (formerly Spirit of Truth Ministries). In that time, with the support of several US-based partners, Jean Alix has started 10 churches, 4 schools, 2 children’s homes, a human trafficking rescue home, and numerous other related projects and initiatives.  Jean Alix has worked tirelessly to care for the needs of the Haitian people, serving hundreds of children and adults all across Haiti.


Over the last several years, Jean Alix has invested more time, energy, and effort into development projects that help provide the opportunities for Haitian families and communities to see vast improvement in their standard of living.  Two key questions formed the foundation of Jean Alix’s thoughts and the changes he initiated within the organization.  First, how do we train the next generation of Haitian leaders?  Second, how do we reduce dependency on foreign aid?  In response, Jean Alix led Together for Haiti in a new direction by launching a US-office of Together for Haiti and refocusing the organization on four primary initiatives.  These primary initiatives address the four major categories of development that must be addressed in any community to promote self-sustainable growth and improvement.

  • Spiritual Development – Are the spiritual needs of the community being met through a strong church and strong leadership that share the love and message of Jesus?

  • Educational Development – Are there educational opportunities for both children and adults that provide vital knowledge and skills in a quality learning environment?

  • Economic Development – Are there opportunities within the community to earn a livable wage, provide for family needs, and learn new and beneficial job related skills?

  • Physical Development – Are the basic physical needs of the community being met?  This includes medical care, dental care, water and sanitation, nutrition, and care for the vulnerable children in the community.

These four initiatives form the core foundation for Together for Haiti as we work together toward a better future for Haiti.